About Workspaces

A workspace is the highest-level organizational unit in Kutano. A workspace is a container for all of your company or organization's users and status sheets. Your workspace data is stored separately from every other Kutano workspace for security and privacy reasons.


Types of Users in Your Workspace

Workspace Owner

A workspace has a single owner which is initially set as the user who created the workspace. They have the same full control to administer the workspace as a Workspace Admin and has the additional ability to delete the workspace and transfer ownership to another user.

Workspace Admins

The workspace admins have the ability to manage the workspace. They can change the workspace settings, as well as, create, delete, and modify workspace users. Furthermore, they can create and manage certain aspects of status sheets. There can be multiple workspace admins.

Workspace Members

Most users will have a Member role. This allows them to create sheets, be members of sheets, and use the system but does not allow them access to workspace admin actions.

Workspace Restricted Members

A Restricted role can be used to provide access to the workspace with more limited permissions. A common use for Restricted is for users from outside companies who participate on teams but are not direct employees of the company. These users will not be able to create their own status sheets and will generally simply participate in status sheets that they are invited to join.

For more information about roles, see Roles and Permissions

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