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Templates are designed to match the way that you work.
Goals Template

Communicate short term priorities and the results from the prior time period. Read More

Progress, Plans, Problems Template

Progress, plans, problems (PPP) is a management technique for recurring status reporting. Read More

Objectives Template

Communicate status updates related to longer term objectives and key metrics. Read More

Scrum Daily Standup Template

This templates supports daily scrum standup meetings. Read More

One-on-one Meeting Template

This template is used to support one-on-one meetings between a manager and a direct report. Read More

Employee Check-in Template

Quick check-in information for members of a team. Read More

Project Dashboard Template

This template is used to manage summary status information across multiple projects Read More

Single Project Template

This template is used to manage status updates related to a single project. Read More

Marketing Campaigns Template

Manage status update information for marketing campaigns Read More

Investor Update Template

Periodic status updates for a company to keep investors up-to-date Read More

Startup Template

This template is used for status updates at startup companies. Read More

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