Objectives Template

Communicate status updates related to longer term objectives and key metrics.

Quarterly objective status updates provide a snapshot of progress made towards goals set at the beginning of a quarter (typically 3 months). These updates are crucial for businesses to track their performance, identify areas needing improvement, and ensure they're on track to achieve their overall objectives for the year.

Here's a breakdown of what quarterly objective status updates typically include:


Briefly remind everyone of the key objectives outlined at the beginning of the quarter. This could include specific goals for sales, marketing, product development, or other areas relevant to the organization.


For each objective, provide a clear picture of progress made. This might involve:

  • Percentage completion: This is often used for OKRs or objectives that are tied to key results.
  • Status: The status of the objective (on track, behind, at risk, etc.)


  • Quantifiable measures used to track progress towards specific goals or objectives.
  • KPIs should be based on data and trackable over time. This allows for comparison and analysis of progress.


  • Lists key tasks have been accomplished in making progress on the objectives.


Quarterly objective status updates are typically entered weekly, although some companies may use a different frequency.

Benefits of Quarterly Objective Status Updates

  • Improved Transparency & Communication: Regular updates keep everyone informed and aligned with the organization's goals.
  • Early Identification of Issues: Proactive tracking allows for course correction and adjustments to be made before the end of the quarter.
  • Enhanced Decision-Making: Data-driven insights from these updates can inform better decisions throughout the year.
  • Increased Accountability: Regular reporting fosters a sense of accountability among teams and individuals towards achieving their objectives.

By implementing effective quarterly objective status updates, organizations can stay focused on their goals, adapt to changing circumstances, and ultimately achieve success in the long run.

Status Update

The status update allows team members to provide a quick update to their manager about key activities during the week.

Objectives Template - Status update

Objectives Template - Status update

Objectives Template - Status update

Status Sheet

The status sheet allows the manager to see a high level view of key information for each employee.

Objectives Template - Status update