The Replacement for the
Weekly Status Meeting

Kutano is the fast and easy communication platform for weekly status updates

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Status Meetings are Broken

They consume too much time

  • People spend 18 hours a week in meetings
  • 70% of team meeting time is status updates
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Are unproductive

“35% called them a waste of time
“17% would rather watch paint dry

And can be done much better

That's Why We Created Kutano

Kutano revolutionizes team communication by eliminating status updates during meetings. Our platform lets your team share progress easily, freeing up valuable time, fostering greater visibility and providing a unified sense of direction.
Team members simply submit quick updates at the end of the week, and our platform auto-generates a clear, consolidated summary for everyone.
Weekly Cycle 1. Receive reminder One click navigates user to your status update form 2. Submit status updates Takes less than 10 minutes Consolidated email with all updates 3. Review status sheet

Benefits Your Whole Team

Kutano handles the status updates freeing you to focus on actually getting work done.

Unleash Your Team's Potential

Instead of spending most of your meeting time on status updates, your team can now focus on strategic discussions and decision making.
Meetings with Kutano Meetings Today Status Updates Get Work Done

Streamline Your Weekly Status Updates Today!

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