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The Problem

Status updates are essential for teams to stay in sync, but...

status meetings waste time

Meetings are expensive
  • 30 minutes for 5 minutes of content
  • Time spent informing vs. making decisions
  • Low engagement
  • Ad-hoc
  • Low accountability
  • Uneven involvement
  • No written history
  • Hard for remote workers
  • Hard for observers

The Solution

Kutano.com is a communications platform for weekly status updates

How it works


Benefits for everyone on the team


5 minutes online vs 30 minutes in a meeting


Improved communications

Focus on key issues

Improved accountability


Feel part of the team

Observer involvement

Remote worker participation

Institutional memory

Your team will feel more Aligned, Engaged and Connected

Our platform is easy to use and helps your team stay connected by regularly sharing progress, updates, and any challenges they may be facing. With Kutano, transparency and open communication become a breeze. This leads to more engagement among team members and a more productive environment. Your team will feel more aligned and connected to the team's goals and objectives, resulting in a more motivated and engaged workforce. Give Kutano a try today and see the positive impact it can have on your team's productivity and cohesion.