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Kutano is the fast and easy communication platform for weekly status updates. By reducing status meeting time, we free teams to focus on what matters most: getting real work done.

Team aligned, engaged, and connected

This is Why We Do It

At Kutano, we know the struggle is real. Teams today are scattered, information gets lost in the shuffle, and status meetings have become a time-consuming exercise in frustration. We've all been there: sitting through endless updates, trying to piece together progress while colleagues drone on about details you don't need.

We, the founders of Kutano, are veteran software entrepreneurs. We've seen firsthand how disconnected teams can hinder even the best efforts. The traditional model of relying on status meetings simply isn't cutting it in today's fast-paced environment.

That's why we built Kutano. We believe there's a better way to keep everyone informed and moving forward. We envision a world where team members can easily share their work progress in a concise, digestible format. This empowers colleagues to stay in the loop on their own time, without the need for lengthy, unproductive meetings.

Kutano is more than just a platform – it's a philosophy. We believe in fostering clear communication and a shared understanding of goals. By streamlining information flow, we can eliminate the communication bottleneck and unlock a new level of team productivity.

Let's ditch the outdated model of status meetings and empower your team to work smarter, not harder. Join Kutano and discover a better way to collaborate and achieve success.

This is How We Do It

These are the values we live and work by.

Focus and Simplify

Distraction and complexity are the enemy. Fight for focus and simplicity every day.

Live to Learn

The constant pursuit of improvement is why we get out of bed in the morning.

Be Customer-Obsessed

We’re nothing without our customers. Every employee speaks up for the customer.

Think Big

Life’s too short to think small or be slow. We think big, act with urgency, and do brilliant things together.

Act with Ownership

No problem is somebody else’s. We step up, and take ownership.

Do the Right Thing

We have the courage to solve the difficult problems, the duty to speak up, and the resolve to stand for what’s right.

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