Scrum Daily Standup Template

This templates supports daily scrum standup meetings.


Scrum, an Agile project management framework, emphasizes flexibility and continuous progress updates over lengthy status reports. Here's how Scrum approaches status reporting:

Focus on Transparency

Daily Stand-up Meetings: The core communication channel. Short (15 minutes), daily meetings where team members discuss:

  • What they accomplished yesterday
  • What they plan to do today
  • Any roadblocks they face

Open Communication: Team members and stakeholders are encouraged to discuss progress and challenges openly throughout the Sprint (development cycle).

Scrum promotes a collaborative environment where information flows freely. Daily stand-ups, and open communication ensures everyone has a clear picture of progress and roadblocks.

Status Update

The status update is submitted by each team member before the start of each day.

Scrum Daily Standup Template - Status update

Scrum Daily Standup Template - Status update

Status Sheet

The status sheet summarizes the daily activity for the team. This can be used to see recent accomplishments during the prior day or to go back to any prior day.

Scrum Daily Standup Template - Status update