Workspace Admin

The Workspace Admin page provides access to administration features related to the workspace.

You can access this page from Workspace → Workspace admin item on the Sidebar menu.

When you display this page you will see some summary information and links to many admin features.

Administration page

Each of the section headers can be clicked on to display additional details for that category.

Workspace settings


The Workspace settings section includes a number of subsections for you to configure the workspace.

  • Profile Lets you set the workspace name and description
  • Logo Lets you set your company's logo.
  • Url Lets you set a customer subdomain that makes it easy to remember the URL for your workspace. If you chose 'example' your url would be ''.
  • Location Lets you set the timezone, locale and currency you would like to use throughout your workspace.
  • Status sheet settings Lets you set the default template to use when users create new status sheets.
  • New users Lets you set how new users to your workspace are handled such as who can invite them, who can sign up to your workspace, and which users must first be approved.
  • User changes Lets you set whether users can change their email address or profile information.
  • Single sign on Allows you to setup SAML single sign on authentication. For more information see Single Sign In with SAML.
  • User provisioning Allows you to setup SCIM user provisioning. For more information see User Provisioning with SCIM.
  • Groups Allows you to enable the virtual groups feature which allows you utilize automatic grouping of users based on their reporting hierarchy.


See Manage users for more details.


See Manage groups for more details.


See Manage sheets for more details.



  • Show history - Shows the history of changes to any data in your workspace. This can be useful for troubleshooting or for auditing changes.