Home Page

When you sign in to the Kutano application you will see a home page that provides easy top level access to information that is in the system.


1. Workspace Section

The Workspace Section provides two commands to manage and view the workspace that you are a member of.

If you are the administrator of the workspace, you will see the Workspace admin button button. It will allow you to manage the workspace.

Everyone in the workspace will see the Workspace about button button. When you click on this button, it will display high level information about the workspace including who the owner is.

2. User Section

The User Section provides you with a the User setting button button that will take you to your current User Settings.

3. Sheets Section

If you are a member of one or more sheets you will see a section that displays current information for all of the sheets you are a member of.

  • Create sheet button will allow you to Create a Sheet.
  • Create sheet button will allow you to manage all of your sheet including inactive ones.

4. Status Updates Section

In this section you will see all of the recent Status Updates for the sheets that you are a member of. If you want to see what happened in a given week, you can click on one of these Status Updates to see what everyone submitted for their updates.

5. User menu

User menu

This menu provides commands to:

  • Switch workspaces (for people who are members of multiple workspaces)
  • Edit User Settings
  • Log out