Getting Started for Managers

Managers are the individuals who are responsible for creating the team's status sheet, customizing it for the team's needs, and adding members to the sheet. A manager can be a first level manager who is responsible for a group of individual contributors, a mid-level manager, all the way up to a the CEO who manages a group of executives.

Here's an example of three different teams:

Org Chart

In this example, the CEO is the manager for the E-Staff team and would create a status sheet called E-staff and add his four direct reports to that team. In the same way, the VP of Engineering would create a sheet called Engineering Managers and add the three engineering managers to that sheet.

Create a Status Sheet

Your first step is to create a status sheet. For more information see: Create a Status Sheet.

Review Status Sheet Settings

Once you have created a sheet, you can review the settings for the sheet. For more information see: Manage settings.

Invite Members to the Status Sheet

You last step is to invite your team members to the status sheet. For more information see: Sharing a Status Sheet.

Understand the Status Update Process

The status update process is the process by which the team members submit their weekly status updates. For more information see: Understand the Status Update Process.