Welcome to Kutano

Kutano is a service that allows teams to easily share status, goals and objectives via periodic status updates. Remote and hybrid teams are able to stay coordinated so that people can work together effectively. And, most importantly, by providing status information in an easy to consume summary you reduce status meeting time which can be used to have more productive team discussions.

Kutano runs on phones, tablets and desktop computers so that everyone on your team can freely enter their weekly status update whether they are at their desk or on the road. It's designed to be as light-weight and friction-free as possible so that it should take only ten minutes a week to enter your status updates.

Create a Workspace

To get started, you will first create a workspace. Workspaces are a container for all of your company or organization's users and status sheets. Status sheets are special purpose spreadsheets that stores each team member's weekly updates. Usually, you will have only one workspace per company or organization and each team of people will have their own status sheet.

Click here for the create a workspace instructions.

Status Sheet Customize

The first step is to define a sheet for a team of people who work together. Typically this includes a manager and their direct reports but it can be any collection of people who want to stay in sync. Once the sheet is created and users have been added to it they are now able to share information securely.

Sheet customized

When creating your workspace, you will be asked to set up your first status sheet. To create another sheet, follow the create a status sheet instructions

The Status Update Process

Weekly diagram

1. Reminders Sent

At the end of the week, each team member will be send an reminder email with a button to click when they are ready to submit their weekly status update.

2. Users Submit Status Updates

Each team member completes a quick status update form to highlight key activities that are important to other members. The information collected is determined by the template you use. Each template is fully configurable and can change over time. A simple Goals template, for example, would ask you the use for the following:

  • Three key accomplishments during the prior week
  • Three key priorities for the upcoming week
  • Any obstacles or other issues blocking progress

This status update process should take less than 10 minutes and is intended to provide a high level view of each persons key activities rather than an exhaustive list of all activities.

3. Consolidated Email Sent

Status update reports from all of the sheet members are consolidated into a single email message that is sent to all the members at the end of the week. This provides a quick way for everyone on the team to know about key activities and accomplishments for other members and gives a wholistic view of what and how the team is performing. The details are also available within the application.

4. Everyone is on the Same Page

Now that each team member's key status information has been communicated to the entire team, everyone can feel up-to-date and work in-sync.

Next Status Update

At the end of the next week the process is repeated. This time each user will already have a data from the previous week (like goals or metrics) that is carried forward to the new week so that they can simply update the status of those activities.