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User Settings

The User Settings page shows settings for the current user. It allows the user to see the current settings and to make changes to the settings.

Accessing the User Settings

There are two ways to access the User Settings page:

User Settings Page

Here's what the User Settings page looks like:

User settings

User Profile Information


The User Profile section includes profile information about you that is available to other users.

Note: some enterprise customers may use automatic provisioning where this information is
provided automatically and you may be prevented from making changes to this information.

Location Settings


The Location Settings section includes location specific information to improve how
the application works for you.

Employee Information Settings

Employee information

This section allows you to enter Job title, Department, and Location of the employee.

Email Notifications Settings


The Email Notification Settings section indicates your current settings related to email

Security Settings

Security settings

The Security Settings section includes users settings for enhanced security.

See Two Factor Authentication for further details on setting up improved access security.

Account Actions

Account actions

The Account Actions section includes various actions that can be performed by the user.

Common actions appear as a button and list common actions are available by selecting the More button

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