Kutano for Engineering Teams

Engineering teams often get bogged down in lengthy status update meetings, taking away valuable development time. These meetings can be repetitive, lacking focus, and fail to capture the nuances of engineers' work. Additionally, disseminating information across a large team can be challenging, leading to confusion and missed deadlines.

Kutano provides a more efficient way for engineers to track and submit progress updates. This allows them to:

  • Focus on coding, not meetings: Eliminate the need for lengthy status update sessions and reclaim valuable development time.
  • Capture progress with more detail: The platform provides a dedicated space for documenting progress, including code snippets, roadblocks, and next steps, offering a clearer picture of the work done.
  • Improve communication and collaboration: Centralized updates ensure everyone's on the same page, fostering better collaboration and reducing the risk of misunderstandings.

Engineer Better Processes

Automate status updates, track progress, and improve visibility into your team’s work.

Provide Clear and Concise Updates

The platform encourages focused updates that highlight key achievements and potential roadblocks.

Agile Solutions

Standardize your workflows and processes, and use Kutano to track and report on progress.

Keep Teams Accountable

Set business targets and link them to specific initiatives, so teams know what to prioritize, who’s responsible, and how to track progress.

Align Work to Goals

Keep goals front and center by linking them to daily work. With more visibility, every team can stay accountable and on target.
Set, track, and

Keep Work Moving in the Right Direction. Keep Product Development on Track

Organize initiatives by priority, so you can be sure you’re focusing on the most high-impact work.

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