About Templates

A page template is used to specify what information is collected during status updates.

It also is used to specify the display format for the resulting status sheet that summarizes all of the information.

When you create a status sheet you are able to select a template that matches your needs from a list of available templates. If you decide that you want to change to a different template you can do this at any time. You are also able to customize the layout to exactly match your needs if you want to change anything. You can even start from a blank page and build exactly the layout that you want.

The goal is for every team to have a status update process that exactly matches their requirements rather than for everyone to be forced to use the same process.

Choosing a Template

Start from the app home page.

Home page

Click on the Change button to begin the process of creating a status sheet. This dialog will allow you to specify the name for the sheet and also to specify the layout template that will be used.

Create status sheet dialog

If you click on the Sheet template menu you will be able to see a list of the most popular templates that can be selected.

Choose a template dialog

From this dialog you can click on Preview to see how a template will look before selecting that template. You can also click on the Show all templates to see a complete list of templates.

When you decide on a template, click on the circle button to indicate that you want to use that template.

This template will now be used when you finish creating the status sheet.

Switching to a Different Template

If you decide that you want to switch to a different template after the status sheet has been created you can switch the template on the Customize dialog.

Customizing a Template

In addition to picking a layout template, you are also able to completely customize the template to meet you specific needs.

This can include:

  • Adding new sections
  • Removing sections
  • Changing the order of the sections
  • Customizing individual sections

Sharing a Template

Any templates that have been created can be shared with other users.

From the sheet menu, choose Share as template. This will being up the following dialog.

Share as template

You can email the link on this dialog to other people and they will be able to create a status sheet using same layout as your page. They do not have access to any of your data - just to the page layout.