Perform a Dry Run

Before you have used Kutano for several weeks it is difficult to understand and visualize how the weekly process will work. That's why we provide a Dry Run function for new sheets which will emulate the steps that happen over a week but perform those steps immediately.

Here is the overall weekly process diagram:

Weekly diagram

Performing a Dry Run

  1. Create a new Sheet. The new sheet will display a yellow instruction panel showing you steps you should take to set up your sheet.
    Sheet home
  2. Click on the Dry run button button
  3. The Status update process dialog will appear
    Dry run process dialog
  4. Click on the Send button. This will send a dry run reminder to your email in-box.
  5. Go to your email in-box and locate an email with a subject starting with "[PREVIEW] Reminder"
    Dry run email
  6. On the email, click on the Complete status update button
    You will be taken to Step 2 in the process: Complete status update. This is how your status update form will look when you are asked to submit it each week.
    Dry status update
  7. You can enter your Accomplishments, Goals, Problems, and Notes then click the Save button.
    Dry run process dialog
  8. Now you are at Step 3: Send reports. Again check your email in-box for an email whose subject starts with "Status update report".
    Dry run status report
    If this were a real weekly process, your status report email would contain status updates from all of the members of your team.