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Customize a Status Sheet Layout

Getting to the Customize Page

There is two ways to customize the status sheet's layout:

Customize Page


There are several ways to customize the status sheet's sections:

At any time, you can click on the Preview button to see how the status update entry forms will appear to the sheet's member during their status update submission.

Change Template

  1. Click on the Change template button. This will bring up the template selection dialog.
    Select template
    Here you will see the available templates to choose from. Notice that each template has a Preview button so you can see what sections are included in each template.
  2. Click Use to select one of the templates.
    With a new template selected, your team will now have new set of prompts to answer each status update period.

Add Row

  1. Click on the Add row button. This will bring up the Add section selection dialog which allows you to choose from a list of individual sections to add to your status sheet.
    Add section
  2. For this example, click on the Project status. Next you will see the Add section dialog for the new status section.
    Add section detail
    This dialog allows you to customize the new section. Each type of section (Goals, Notes, Text, Status, etc) will have its own unique set of settings.
  3. Change the Name to Project status and click the Save button. Now you will see the new section at the bottom of the status sheet.
    Updated sheet

Edit Row

Any existing section can be edited to further customize how it appears on the status sheet.

  1. Find the Project Status section and click on the Edit section button or select the Row settings command from the Menu menu.
    Edit section dialog
  2. In the Description field, enter "Enter the status of your project" and click Save.
    The description should now appear on the sections list

Delete Row

Any existing section can easily be deleted from the status sheet.

  1. Find the Project Status section and click on the Menu button button then select the Delete section command
    The section will be immediately deleted.

Move Rows

Sometimes its important to layout the sections in a certain order.

  1. Click on the Move rows button. This will bring up a dialog allowing you to reorder the section.
    Move sections dialog
    To reorder, click and drag the grab bars Grab bar next to individual sections.

Template Settings

The template settings dialog allows you to make advanced customizations to your status sheet.

Template settings dialog

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