Engages Hybrid and Remote Teams

Companies are increasingly faced with teams that are not all in the same location. Employees may be working from a remote location, or may be working from home part of the time.

Challenges with Remote Teams

These remote teams create challenges for teams. How do you keep people involved in the team when they are not in the same location? A common problem with remote teams is that people do not know what everyone else is working on. Managers may communicate with the remote employees more often, but peers do not necessarily hear about the details of what they are doing.

With Kutano, everyone is on the same team and on the same page. You can see the high level view of what the team is accomplishing. The wins, the challenges and everything in between.

Even the simple act of displaying all of the people on the same page helps to solidify the notion of a team.

Ensure Clear Priorities

It is especially important for remote workers to have the correct priorities so that they are spending time on the things that matter most. By putting those priorities down on paper, they ensure that their manager is in sync with what they are working on and that all the other people on the team are in the loop as well.