Preserves Team History

One of the big problems of handling status updates during meetings is that the information is not preserved.

Many times people take notes to remember important details but that is often cumbersome and rarely includes all of the information that might be important.

With Kutano, all of that information is preserved without any extra work.

What Changed Since Last Week?

For any ongoing activity it can be hard to see what has changed from the prior week. This includes things like status changes for objectives or changes to key metrics.

With Kutano you are able to see an indication of the changes right on the status sheet summary.

Status sheet with changes

What if I Miss a Meeting?

If an employee is out of the office or on vacation they typically miss the details of status updates that occurred during a team meeting. Sometime this information is sent out at meeting notes but more often this information is not available and they need to rely on someone else to spend time with them to convey key information.

By preserving this information in the status sheet history it is easy to get up to speed. Simply click on the tab for the prior week and you get an at-a-glance view of the key information that you missed. This makes it very efficient to get up to speed and does not require any time from other team members.

Out of office

How do I Onboard New Team Members?

When a new person joins a team they need to get up to speed with all the important details that impact their new role. This usually happens during conversations with their manager and with other people on the team. This is usually ad-hoc and unstructured with many details that are not mentioned.

With Kutano it is easy. They are able to review the status sheet summary to see all the key activity for the team prior to their start date. This includes details about what every team member has been doing and what is important for the team.

Not only are they able to quickly see all the important information, but they are able to do it without consuming a lot of time from other team members. This allows actual discussions with team members to focus on higher level topics vs. simply information about what has already happened.


How do I Review Employee Performance?

Another benefit of status update history is that it streamlines the performance review process.

Often, during the performance review process, employees are asked to summarize their achievements for the year. This can be a cumbersome task to try to remember all the key things that happened during the year and often many things are forgotten or overlooked.

With Kutano it is a snap. You are able to see all of the key accomplishments for a person across the entire time period. This frees up time so the employee can focus on key performance discussions vs. simply summarizing prior information.

Performance Management