Focus on What Matters

In the modern information age many teams suffer from having information spread across many different systems. It may be in email, text messages, Slack channels, task management systems, OKR systems, etc.

But what is lacking is the ability to see all the high level important information in order to know what matters vs. all the details.

Kutano provides that with a one page summary view of all the top level information for the entire team.

All the Information in One Place

Rather than accessing many different systems to see pieces of the overall activity, you are able to see a single view of the information that combines all of the most important details from a wide range of sources.

You can think of this as a high level dashboard to the operation of your team. All the important information without all the gory details.

Focus on What is Important

It is easy to be drowning in the details and not be able to see what is important. The flood of emails, Slack messages, etc. can give you some of the details, but it does not give you a top down view of what is important.

With Kutano, the most important details for the week are combined onto a single page. This give you an "at a glance" with a focus on what is important. Instead of wading through lists of every single task that a person is performing, you see a list of the top priorities and things that are actually getting done this week.

Ensure People are Working on the Right Things

A shared view of top priorities helps to ensure that everyone is working on the right things. This eliminates the surprises that often occur when other people are left out of the loop on decisions to change priorities.