Clear Priorities and Communications

Writing things down is an important part of establishing clarity within a team.

Am I Prioritizing the Right Things?

At the start of the week each team member indicates their top priorities for the upcoming week. Everyone on the team sees these priorities to ensure that they are clear not only to the manager, but also to all the other team members.

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What are Other People Doing?

A common challenge for teams is that people do not have an understanding of what everyone else is working on. Sometimes the details are worked out in one on one conversations with a manager but then they are not conveyed to the rest of the team.

With Kutano, everyone on the team has a clear view of what all of the other team members are doing. This can include short term priorities, progress against objectives, or just sharing key wins during the week.

Agile Decision Making

Modern companies are increasingly needing to be able to react to changing conditions and change direction quickly.

In order to do this it is vital that everyone on the team has a common view of what is being done and the implications of these decisions.

Kutano supports this by having a clearly articulated priorities as part of the status updates.

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