The Future of Weekly Status Updates is Here: Introducing Kutano

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June 24, 2024
The Future of Weekly Status Updates is Here: Introducing Kutano

Weekly Status Updates are Broken

Teams today are scattered, information gets lost in the shuffle, and status meetings have become a time-consuming exercise in frustration. We've all been there: sitting through endless updates, trying to piece together progress while colleagues drone on about details you don't need.

The founders of Kutano, veteran software entrepreneurs, have seen firsthand how disconnected teams can hinder even the best efforts. The traditional model of relying on status meetings simply isn't cutting it in today's fast-paced environment.

Introducing Kutano

That's why we built Kutano. We believe there's a better way to keep everyone informed and moving forward. We envision a world where team members can easily share their work progress in a concise, digestible format. This empowers colleagues to stay in the loop on their own time, without the need for lengthy, unproductive meetings.

Kutano runs on phones, tablets and desktop computers so that everyone on your team can freely enter their weekly status update whether they are at their desk or on the road. It's designed to be as light-weight and friction-free as possible so that it should take only ten minutes a week to enter your status updates.

The Status Sheet

In Kutano, each team creates a status sheet - a smart spreadsheet containing a column for each user (or project) and rows for sections of information that the manager wants to collect like accomplishments or problems. Each week, members of a sheet submit that week's status update into an easy to use entry form. The sheet displays an overview of the status updates as a grid. It also keeps the history of these status updates so you can track the team's progress over time.

status sheet

Simple Weekly Process

The weekly process is simple and friction-free. Each week the following happens automatically:

Weekly process

  1. Reminder email sent - At the end of the week, members of the sheet (your team) will receive a reminder email with a button that will take them directly to the status update entry form.
  2. Submit status updates- Status updates are due at the end of the week. Kutano uses easy to use forms that can be fully customized for each team. It should take less than 10 minutes to fill out and submit the information.
  3. Consolidated summary sent - After updates are submitted, the system compiles all of the status updates into a summary that will be sent to all members of the team. All of the team members will see a bird's eye view of how the team is performing, what's been accomplished, and what new work is prioritized for the coming week. Members can comment on the summary, give items a thumbs up, or comment with feedback and guidance on how the team can improve or prioritize work differently.

Try Kutano for Free

So, ditch the outdated model of status meetings and empower your team to work smarter, not harder. Join Kutano and discover a better way to collaborate and achieve success. You can use it for free with no credit card required.

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