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Create a Sheet

Sheets provide the basis for how status update information is shared within an organization.

Create a Seam

On the Home Page there is a section that allows you to create a new team.

Team section

Click on Create a team to start the process for creating a new team.

You will see the following dialog:

Create a team

The first step in creating a team is to give it a name. This identifies the team to other users and could be a person's name or a project name.

Enter a value for Name and click Create.

The team has now been created and you can start using it to share information with other team members.

You will now see the following dialog that will allow to add other team members:

Add members

You can list the other people that will be part of the team or you can always do it later if you want.

See Add Team Members for more details on how to add team members.

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