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About sections

Each page is made up of a number of sections that provide structure to the status update - both when it is displayed as a status sheet but also in the status update form. If you are a page administrator you will be able to add, delete, and modify sections. Sections come in a range of complexity from simple section like Text or Number to more complicated ones like Metrics or Objectives. Each section has configurable settings (e.g. title, formatting, etc) that you can specify to customize the section.

Add sections

If you are an owner of a status sheet you can customize the content of sheet by adding a new section.

Add section button

When you click on the (+) button, the following dialog will appear:

Add section dialog

When you click on one of the sections, you will then be able to configure the section if you want to change any of the default settings.

Add objectives dialog

Click on the Save button to finish adding the section to the page.

You can also add sections to a specific location on the page using the menu.

Add objectives dialog

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