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Manage Groups

This page is used to manage the list of groups who have access to the workspace. Groups can be valuable when you want to include them as members of multiple Status Sheets but allow the group to keep changing. For example, you may want to create a group called "HR" which will include all of the members of the Human Resources group in your company. The members change over time so you can keep updating the HR group. By adding the HR group to a Status Sheet, you can allow whomever is currently in the HR department to have access to that Sheet.

You can access this page from Workspace / Groups on the sidebar menu.

Group list

The top portion of the page allows you to specify which users to display. You can use the filter to select Active or Inactive groups.

Groups actions

For each user there is a menu that provides a list of actions that are available for that user.

Group action menu

Add Group

You can also add groups by clicking on the Add group button.

Add groups

User detail

If you want to see additional details about a user, click on the user and you will see the full detail page.

Group detail dialog

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